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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are our most common asked questions by our users about our Australian Weather Information apps on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

How do I add a new Favorite location?
To add a new Favorite location in the iPhone, iPad or Android device:

Navigate to Add New Location screen:
     For the iPhone > tap "More" tab button > tap "Add" button
     For the iPad > tap "Add" tab button
     For the Android > tap "More" tab button > "Add" button

Then type the location in the provided search box (top red box in screenshot) or use the list (bottom red box in screenshot) to find the location you want to add.

How do I move or delete a Favorite location?
To move or delete a Favorite location in the iPhone, iPad or Android device:

Navigate to Add New Location screen:
     For the iPhone > tap "More" tab button > tap "Edit" button
     For the iPad > tap "Edit" tab button
     For the Android > tap "More" tab button > "Add" button.

To delete a location press the delete button to the left (left red box in screenshot). To move location press and hold the icon to the right (right red box in screenshot) then slide finger up or down to desired location.
For android devices the delete and move buttons are vice versa.

Where can I find Marine and Moon information?
For the iPhone and Android devices the Marine and Moon information can be found by navigating to the More menu by tapping "More" tab button, then press the "Marine" button. Scroll down to see the moon information.

For the iPad the Marine and Moon information can be found by navigating to the Forecast screen by tapping "Forecast" tab button. Then scroll down to see the marine and moon information.

Why can't auto location finder find me? It shows my location as kilometers away from my true location.
The auto location works by using your GPS and/or Location Services. If the GPS and/or Location Services are not enabled for the app then the accuracy of your true location will be difficult or impossible to find. To receive accurate weather information for you true location, make sure you have GPS and/or Location Services enabled.

More information for iOS 6 go to iOS 6: Understanding Location Services
More information for iOS 7 go to iOS 7: Understanding Location Services

How do I refresh the weather information?
For an iPhone or iPad the weather information can be updated by pulling most views (eg. Observation, Forecast) down and then releasing it. There should be a short message saying "Updating...".

For Android devices the weather information can be updated by pressing the Menu button on the device then pressing "Refresh" button.

Why isn't the app working or updating?
As we would want our servers to be 100% up and running and have no bugs in our system, reality is all software have bugs and no server has 100% uptime. We are always striving to iron out these bugs and build better back up servers to accommodate for server down time, but we are afraid there will always be some unseen issues.

If the app hasn't been working normally for a period longer than 24 hours you should try to reset the app. If that fails delete and reinstall the app via the app store
(Note: It will be a free download when using the same app store user account the app was purchased initially).

What do the red and blue numbers and arrow mean in the rain radar?
The red number is the temperature in C.

The green number is the rainfall since 9am in mm.

The blue number is the wind speed in km/h.

The blue arrow is the wind direction.

Can I change the default radar and/or marine location for a Favorite location?
Currently the radar or marine location cannot be changed for a particular Favorite location.

Hopefully in the future we will add this ability but we currently don't have it in our roadmap.

What is District Forecast?
The District Forecast our app provides is an in-depth analysis of the forecast for a particular district. The information is provided by Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and contains information about cold fronts and pressure systems. It may also contain Fire Danger, UV and other useful information for the district.

Why do I have a number (red and white) on my home screen icon?
The number seen on the home screen icon (aka badge) in iPhones or iPads is the current, max or min temperature of your top most location in your Favorite location list.

There is a setting provided in the app which can set the app badge to Current, Max, Min or Disabled. Navigate to the app Setting view to enable or disabled this feature.

Finally what can I do if my app is not starting, not loading, not refreshing, crashing or anything that is stopping it from working normally?
There are many unseen problems that can occur to our piece of app (software). Over the years we have fixed many bugs and issues with our software and have added two backup servers to accommodate times when server goes down, but like we said previously no software is 100% bulletproof and problems will still occur.

So what to do when things are not working:
     1. Wait some time and try again.
     2. Try to reset the settings and data via the app Settings view.
     3. Delete and reinstall the app via the App Store. This is a free reinstall when using the account the app was initially purchased with.
     4. Write us an email at Write a brief email outlining the problem and the location/s you are trying to use the app at and we will strive to get back to you ASAP.